Why Choose Us

High Key Wine is the first single serve wine pouch to hit the market at scale. What makes High Key so special? We’re glad you asked.

The innovative pouch is at the heart of what makes High Key unique. With it’s proprietary durable 5 layer construction, our pouch is able to lock in the freshness while keeping air and light out.

The resealable cap allows you to take a sip and save the rest for later. Don’t worry about throwing it in your bag or purse. Our pouch has “stood” the test of both time and us!

Compared to other ready to drink (RTD) options on the market today, High Key offers quality and integrity at a very high level.

As a small family run farm, our passionate concern for quality is evident throughout the entire wine making process, from vineyard to pouch.

By being able to grow our own grapes and having deep ties with our grower partners we are able to control the entire process from start to finish ensuring only the best quality wine makes its way into High Key wine pouches.

At High Key we strive to avoid waste. The lay flat design of the High Key pouch allows us to save 20x more space when transporting our pouches versus traditional glass or plastic bottles. This is also a great advantage when you are trying to limit empty container space either at a large venue or when hiking or backpacking.

Have you ever wanted that one glass of wine but didn’t want to open an entire bottle? Or perhaps you wanted a dry rose’ while your sipping companion wanted something a bit sweeter. Now you don’t have to compromise or waste any excess wine. Everyone can get their preferred wine along with the convenience of taking it wherever they want to go.