About us

Who we are

High Key Wine was founded with a rich heritage in the world of wine. There are four tight knit families who make up the High Key Family and have deep roots with either enology or viticultural backgrounds. The Rahal family has been growing grapes for generations on the fertile soil found along the shores of Lake Erie in Pennsylvania. In fact some of the wine found within our pouches is produced from vines that were planted during the time that Mr. Rahal’s father and great uncle ran the farm, over 70 years ago.

A Family Owned Business

The Boettcher family has owned, in whole or in part, some of the area’s most successful wineries over the years. They have been instrumental in crafting wine that resonates with both novices and aficionados alike.
High Key is certainly no exception. Only the best wine (which makes it’s way into our award winning bottled wine) is allowed into our wine pouches. Quality trumps everything else and this is apparent from the rigorous quality control and the passion that is evident throughout the entire wine making process.

About Our Vineyard

Good wine starts in the wine cellar but exceptionally great wine starts first in the vineyard. In our vineyards the grapes are hand trimmed each year. During the growing season, meticulous attention to detail keeps the young grapes free of mold and other defects.
Excellent communication between both the vineyard and the wine making crew helps to isolate the ideal time for harvest. A harvest that is too early will result in acidic or “green” flavors that are undesirable, while waiting too long raises the risk for weather related damage to threaten the crop. A perfect balance needs to be found. Once harvest time hits, there is a thinning process which ensures that only the ripest grapes make its way to our wine presses.

Our Customers