Wine in a pouch is now a thing

Wine the way you want it

Enjoy the wine you love that can go wherever you go

High Key Wine

Why hasn’t anyone made this yet?  This is the question we get asked the most!  High Key is the new thing you’ve been looking for.  It’s fun, versatile and can go wherever you can.  Enjoy a hint of nostalgia as you take a sip on your next adventure.  Click the button below to see where you can take High Key.


Where to take High Key

Freedom from glass

Boldly go where no wine has gone before

made to Explore

Enjoy wine in a lightweight format without the excess baggage.  No corkscrew necessary

Eco Friendly

With it’s layflat design when empty over 20 empty High Key pouches can be shipped in the same space as an empty wine bottle



farm fresh

With over 100 years of viticultural experience we know that good wine starts in the vineyard.

About High Key Wine Co.

The mission of High Key Wine Co. is to create great wine in innovative packaging that speaks to our valued customers.

We all remember the good things we’ve enjoyed out of a pouch, like juice and apple sauce.  Why not wine?  High Key Wine is our answer.  Now you can take your favorite variety (Dry Rose’, Semi-Sweet Rose’ or Sweet White) with you no matter where you go!


Our management team has over 100 years of viticultural and enological experience combined.

Every time you twist a cap, pop a cork or insert a straw you can be confident that the team here at High Key Wine has produced the best possible creation for your enjoyment.

Flexible and Convenient

With it’s patent pending design the flexible High Key pouch has the durability to tag along with you on all of your escapades (even if it is just in your backyard).

Being the first ever resealable, single serve wine pouch (complete with straw) High Key is breaking new ground and is the perfect companion for your next adventure



Bring the party

You know that feeling when you are holding in exciting great news that you are dying to share? You want to shout it from the rooftops!  We totally get that!  High Key was created with that feeling in mind.  So, whether you naturally trend toward the louder side or your mellow self wants to share out loud , we’re here to help you Bring the Party!  Grab a High Key pouch (or bottle) and share your story!  You can tag your High Key stories using #BringTheParty

Three Great varieties for every palate

Why settle?  High Key has the wine that fits you and your unique taste.

Sweet White

As sweet and luscious as ripe grapes fresh from the vine this white wine will will be sure to please.

  • Sweetness scale 95% 95%

semi-sweet rose'

This delightful semi-sweet rose’ strikes a balance right down the middle.  Not too sweet and not too dry (goldilocks would be envious)

  • Sweetness scale 60% 60%

Dry rose'

Crisp and light, this Dry Rose’ pairs well with sunsets and good friends.

  • Dry Rose’ Sweetness scale 1% 1%

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