High key wants to tag along on your next adventure


Lightweight and without the excess baggage

High Key is a great addition to your pack

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a day At the field

Perfect for a day spent watching your favorite athletes (of all ages)

Limited Only By Your Imagination

With it’s discreet, single-serve size High Key can make it’s way everywhere you go.  Perfect for the cooler, backpack or purse.

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No Spills

With a straw that creates a liquid tight seal

spills are a distant memory

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Glass is in the past

Glass restrictions? Not here. You can now enjoy wine with your friends at all of the places that wish you could have.  Poolside, under your beach umbrella  and on the boat are now all fair game.

Concerts and Festivals

Turn up the volume and let the

good times roll as you take High Key

along for the party


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Three Great varieties for every palate

Why settle?  High Key has the wine that fits you and your unique taste.

Sweet White

As sweet and luscious as ripe grapes fresh from the vine this white wine will will be sure to please.

  • Sweetness scale 95% 95%

semi-sweet rose'

This delightful semi-sweet rose’ strikes a balance right down the middle.  Not too sweet and not too dry (goldilocks would be envious)

  • Sweetness scale 60% 60%

Dry rose'

Crisp and light, this Dry Rose’ pairs well with sunsets and good friends.

  • Sweetness scale 1% 1%

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